1. The Digital Governance Awards is open to all local government units such as a province, city, or municipality. 
  2. LGUs are limited to only one (1) unique entry per category for a total of five (5) entries. In instances where multiple entries per category are submitted, only the first one will be considered the official entry in that particular category. An LGU may join all five (5) categories provided the entries are distinct entries per category. The Regional DILG and Cluster DICT Focals will check and certify that the LGU entry/ies are complete.
  3. LGUs are to submit their entry/ies at the General Submission link for DILG and DICT assistance and for their entry/ies to be certified as complete. LGUs submit their own entry/ies at the Final Submission link that the focals will email to them along with the certification for completeness.
  4. Acceptance of General Submissions starts on August 17, 2020 . The deadline for submission of entries at the Final Submission link is September 30, 2020.
  5. Evaluation and judging shall be online on October 12-16, 2020 . Schedules for presentations will be emailed for all entries. LGUs shall have a Representative present their entry on their scheduled dates. The Total Score = entry documentation (80%) + presentation (20%) 
  6. The awarding ceremony shall be held online on November 25, 2020.

WINNERS: Three (3) Winners shall be announced per LGU level per Category, or forty-five (45) winners. Only the fifteen (15) First Place Winners will receive a Plaque of Recognition. Three (3) Special Awards may also be given.