• The Digital Governance Awards is open to all local government units such as a PROVINCE, CITY, OR MUNICIPALITY
  • LGUs are limited to only ONE (1) UNIQUE ENTRY PER CATEGORY for a total of FIVE (5) entries. An LGU may join all three categories provided the entries are distinct entries per category. Note: G2B and G2C Categories are not applicable to Province level
  • Submission of entries is through the Assessment Portal which can be accessed through the following links:


An initial assessment of entries will be conducted as to completeness and correctness of submitted documents, and adherence to criteria. The Regional DILG and DICT officers will encourage and help advise LGUs on the categorization and submission of their entries.

  • Documents that should be submitted are the following:

a. 1-paged Executive Summary in pdf

b. 1 document per criterion in pdf, which will include answers to the guide questions (Maximum of 3 pages per document)

c. Maximum of 5 additional documents in pdf such as comparative analysis, graphs, etc. that will supplement the answers in letter (b).

  • Entries which will not adhere to specified criteria WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Submission of final entries is through the Submission Portal.  The link to this portal will be emailed by the DICT and DILG officers to all LGUs with complete and correct entries, and have passed the initial assessment. Submissions in this portal are considered final.
  • Judging of entries will be in September and will be conducted online.  LGUs shall send a representative to present the project on their scheduled dates. 
  • The awarding ceremony shall be held online in October.
  • For inquiries, please email dga2021_inquiries@dict.gov.ph.