Automated Performance Management System

With the end in view of achieving its vision that by the year 2020, Bataan will have the lowest poverty incidence resulting from quality growth attaining top-level Human Development Index in the Philippines, the Provincial Government of Bataan led by incumbent Governor Albert S. Garcia has embarked on a journey via a vehicle known as the Performance Governance System (PGS) in coordination with the Institute for Solidarity in Asia way back in 2013. Aimed at achieving the same results, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) through the Human Resource Department, has recently issued a directive among the different government agenciesnationwide regarding the adoption of the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS).

The Provincial Management Information Systems (MIS) Office headed by Mr. Geoffrey C. Loyola has come up with the PGS-SPMS rationalization through the Automated Performance Management System (APMS) last January 2016 to easily monitor and evaluate the commitments and accomplishments of all Provincial Government employees. From then there were a lot of improvement and additional features in the APMS that will be able to monitor all the programs, projects, activities, core functions and strategic initiatives. These commitments will be the bases of performance assessment and evaluation for a better bureaucracy that will lead to the attainment of the organizational goals and the Province’s Vision. Describe the innovative or outstanding features of the entry focusing on the success indicators for the category chosen Automated Performance Management System is the first information system developed for strategic performance management. The Province of Bataan is the first among the LGUs to implement such. This is the system that will help the organization to generate timely, accurate, and reliable information that can be used to track performance and manage the commitments of the departments, offices and agencies.

The APMS will be a very effective tool in managing, monitoring and evaluating the performances of the Provincial Capitol employees. Part of the performance monitoring and coaching is the basic element of establishing an information system that will support the project documentation, knowledge management and monitoring and evaluation. Since information system is vital, it will facilitate the linkage between the organizational strategic goals and the employees’ performances. The system promotes a working environment that is conducive to harmonious relationships between employees and their department heads. Automated Performance Management System establishes excellence in performance and adopts and publishes criteria for evaluating employees. The system addresses the demand to produce tangible results that will indicate the level of performance of the departments and the employees minimizing subjective factors. Every accomplishment is given due credit through the provision of a more objective measurement. It enhances the welfare of the employees and productivity and will contribute to effective and efficient public service.