Baliwag Integrated Profiling System (BIPS)

The Baliwag Integrated Profiling System (BIPS) is a project of the Baliwag Municipal ICT Office that caters cloud-based profiling solution to local government offices, enabling them to render services efficiently, accomplish faster transactions, serve more people, easily generate reports and analyses, share information with other government offices and agencies inside and outside the municipality, and proactively and strategically design data-driven programs for the citizens of Baliwag.

It is accessible both online and offline, allowing local offices to fill in forms customized to their need, easily print certificates or registration documents, and have them stored in a centralized record for future use and reference of other offices. It keeps track of the different services each citizen avails in the municipal government, and speeds up transactions through fast data recovery of pre-recorded data. Its modules consist of various forms for different offices custom-made to fit different kinds of documents usually acquired by most citizens, especially the marginalized communities in the municipality (e.g. tricycle franchise, PWD, senior citizen and solo parent registration, benefits card application, etc).

It also features reports and summary modules, which help generate data, graphs and heat maps–which can be easily displayed and clustered according to sex, location, etc–for reporting and info-sharing purposes with other local government units.