(eBOMS) V1.0  Electronic Budget Operation  and Monitoring System

The Electronic Budget Operations and Monitoring System (eBOMS) is an online and in-house developed system used by the City Government of Baguio, which focuses on the preparation of the City’s Annual Budget per Program, Project, and Activity (PPA), in accordance with the Local Budget Preparation Forms required by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), and the subsequent budget operations and monitoring of orders and transactions. The edge of eBOMS from other Budget Systems is its ability to provide a reasonable estimate of all procurable items proposed by all 29 national offices and local departments of the City for the Budget Year. This reduces the need for ball-park figures and overstated budgets in order to deliver the desired public services, taking into consideration the time constraint for budget preparation. Further, the eBOMS allows the generation of real-time reports as required by not only the Commission on Audit (COA), but also the DBM, DILG, and other local executives for fiscal decision-making.

Another main highlight of the eBOMS is the tracking mechanism which allows end-users to monitor their orders and transactions not only as to obligation with the Budget Office, but as to its status in the bidding process. The planning stages of Budget Preparation which include the formulation of the Project Procurement Monitoring Plan (PPMP) is accomplished through the eBOMS by the supply officer of each department and office. He/she simply clicks on the item provided in the Electronic Catalog of the eBOMS and provides the required quantity at the desired month of the Budget Year. The department head and budget technical staff in-charge of each department and office can then review and approve the PPMP remotely, even when not personally present in the office, and even beyond official time.

This allows paperless review and electronic approval of budget proposals, orders, and other transactions. From the data entered in the respective PPMPs of each department and office of the City Government, the eBOMS can generate the required Local Budget Preparation forms per Project, Program, and Activity (PPA) for each office and department as approved by the DBM. Consequently, the real-time consolidation of all PPMPs and Local Budget Preparation Forms of all departments and office by the eBOMS then generates the funding requirements for the Annual Budget of the City. Further, the eBOMS is currently utilized to generate the Annual Investment Plan (AIP), Annual Procurement Plan (APP), and Annual Procurement Plan for Common Supplies and Equipment (APP-CSE) which are also required by the DBM and COA. Primarily developed for prompt and more efficient delivery of budgetary services, the Eboms also allows the monitoring of budget utilization of each department and office. This allows the respective end-users to proper implement their proposed PPAs using the available budget.