Integration of ETRACS and Access Gate System in Caticlan and Cagban Passenger Terminals and Jetty Ports.

This project uses a customized Enhanced Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System (ETRACS) Plug-in to integrate the revenue collection module of ETRACS with an access gate system. ETRACS is a free software by Rameses, Inc. and the development of the plug-in wasthrough a grant from the Philippine Road Management Facility funded by  AusAID. The project team studied past experiences and learned lessons from the previous implementation of a turnstile Рticketing system in Caticlan and Cagban and incorporated these in crafting system and security protocols for the plug-in to provide ease of use, efficiency and security to both terminal personnel and the tourists.

The goal was to implement tight integration of revenue collection and reporting, stricter controls in the access gates and monitoring of tourist and Aklanon traffic. To meet these goals, the project team decided that upon payment of terminal fees by tourists (RORO-bound and Boracay Island- bound), ETRACS will issue an AF51 and correspondingly generate thermally-printed barcode passes which will be used at the access gates. Aklanons, on the other hand, will be issued their own thermally-printed free barcode  passes and assigned specific turnstile gates. While the Provincial Government uses ETRACS is its General Collection and Real Property Assessment, printing of barcode passes and a specialized terminal fee collection user interface is not native to ETRACS and the plug-in for the system has to be conceptualized, designed and coded from the

ground up. After the plugin was developed, the next step was to find an access gate vendor through competitive bidding to retrofit the existing turnstile system, provide new flap gates and integrate both of these to ETRACS through an Application Program Interface (API). The implementation of the new system took almost a year before going live. This is due to testing, dry-run, and modifications of the system as well as construction of new hallway for Aklanons and the training of personnel.