Cavinti Tourism and Event Management System

The Cavinti Tourism and Events Management System was developed for the benefits of the tourism office and its potential clients. The system addresses the need of the local government to enhance its tourism services through the establishment of content management system/page for its online promotion. online booking and payments and events management. The online booking and payment in particular is now the in-demand payment system where tourist sites with online payment got most of the numbers of tourists compare with tourist sites than those who have no online payment.

the Said scenario was experienced in Cavinti Falls. Number of tourists are decreasing because most of the tourist now enjoy the privilege of having credit card that can be used in online payment and booking. thus, probably they preferred tourist sites with online facility to visit.

To respond to such demand and challenges, system employ both content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM). From the simple create, dit, review and publish electronic texts, the website also lets the LGU manage the database as well as strategically manage the LGU’s relationship and interactions with visitors and potential visitors in a collaborative environment. Specifically, the System helps the LGU to stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve its profitability. Also, the system has online payment feature. It has a portal that allows the visitor or client (i.e. tourists) to pay for the product and services via Internet. the online payment scheme provides convenience and efficiency both from the LGU and the client involved. This lessens the cost (i.e indirect and direct) associated with the physical cash. The System also establishes accountability and transparency by tracking the online transactions and financial flows on the part of the LGU. Because transaction are in real-time, staff can easily monitor the availability of slots, number of visitors in a day and income generated. Also, daily reports of all detailed transactions can be generated and are readily available for viewing by its official and by the public (if permitted).