1SANMATEO Geographic Resilience Integrated Development Structure (GRIDS)

When Honorable Cristina C. Diaz, Mayor of the Municipality of San Mateo assumed office in 2016, she envisioned the implementation of E-governance (Electronic-assisted Local Governance) within the span of her term. She acknowledges that highly technological tools and techniques improve local government operations and public service.

Thus, the Geographic Resilience Integrated Database Structure (GRIDS) project was launched. The GRIDS aimed to ensure efficient and effective public service to the people of San Mateo by creating a comprehensive and updated information database that could be used for responsive planning and decision-making. An application was also developed to capture data, process, information, and generate the required reports and infographics.

Generally, the GRIDS enumerated all building/house structures within San Mateo. Each structure is geo-tagged with physical plates that contained the barangay name, street name, municipal seal, and a Quick Response (QR) code. The QR code provides encrypted information that could be used to relate to the corresponding information in the comprehensive database.

In 2018, the GRIDS project was first launched and used by different local government department and unit offices. And after a year of its implementation, it was deployed in January 2019 to all fifteen (15) barangays and locally-based National Government Agencies (e.g. PNP, BFP and BJMP).

This project provides faster and easier access to all information pertaining to general welfare services, including health care, social protection, and such. For the 2019 deployment of GRIDS, it also included data that ensures Peace and Order and Safety and immediately responds to any report in real time. It ensures the coordination between the local government and locally-based NGAs through synced information and reports.

In summary, the GRIDS project is indeed suitable not only for San Mateo but for other LGUs. The project is easily replicable considering the standard mandates and functions facilitated by the GRIDS. We are proud to say that we have created a potent project that could improve the lives of our constituents.