Cavinti GReAT System 3.0 (Cavinti Government Revenue, Accountability and Transparency System 3.0)

Cavinti Government Revenue, Accountability and Transparency System 3.0 (GReAT System 3.0)developed by GeoInfometrics Solutions Co. was enhanced to provides affordable but quality alternative solutions to enhance local government services and revenues to address “government inter-operability”. GReAT System 3.0 is an open-source web-based system that can be installed in multi-platform operating system with a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern where the presentation aspect of the application is separate from the operations and the properties of the data being presented. Generally, the system is simple, familiar and has user-friendly interfaces (like Facebook), making it very easy to use and learn.

It can be customized to the workflow of LGU Staff making the transition from “manual” to “computerized” a lot easier. It is secured with user credentials, daily backups, IP-limited access, and data change policing; easy access on needed information through internet; and centralized database. It has no software expiration and current LGU systems can be integrated with the new system. GReAT System 3.0 is not just a “computerized system” but an essential MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE.

GReAT System 3.0 includes 17 modules from document processing, revenue collection, payment to data storage and retrieval. The following are the modules that are interconnected: Accounting Module, Budget Module, Treasury Module, Payroll Module, Revenue Generating Module, CTC Module, Markey Stall Module, Real Property Tax Assessment Module, Tourism and Event Management Module, Vehicle Franchising Module, Water Service Module (if under the LGU), and Data Management Module and Monitoring Module consisting of Admin/Executive Module, Annual Procurement Plan/Project Procurement Management Plan Module, General Service Module, Human Resource Module, Sangguniang Bayan Office Record Filling Module, and Vehicle Trip and Fuel Management Module.