When emergency strikes, response is only as good as the speed and accuracy of incident reports communicated toany action center. In the same way, information relayed is critical to decisions that are necessary to make during crisis situations. It was in this light that the Baliwag Emergency and Assistance Management System (BEAMS) were developed.

A BEAM is a web-based management system that serves as a common platform for multi-agency collaboration through secured communication. It helps frontline responder’s flag emergencies, enables local offices to escalate incidents to appropriate agencies, and accordingly, allows local leaders and managers develop awareness to make informed decisions under pressure. BEAMS features a dashboard with a customized interface and controlled access designed for each office involved, to only display windows, functions and information useful to them. This allows efficient relay of information among disaster risk and crisis management offices in the local government and national agencies.

It has a ticket-forwarding function with real-time monitoring, and an alert system that enables helpdesk personnel push notification and monitor action among concerned government offices.Recorded data in the system automatically generate heat maps, which are insightful during post-crisis evaluation, and especially useful in designing plans to improve emergency, crisis, and disaster preparedness.