Barangay Centralized Wireless Network is a communication network designed for the 65 barangays of Cauayan City which is used for file transfer and sharing, notifications and message logging to help in the fast, more convenient and real-time transfer and/or dissemination of data and information from Barangay to LGU, Barangay to Barangay, and LGU to Barangay. It uses the idea of Extranet, which is a combination of intranet and internet network technology that allows the user or client that is not part of the organization to use the network (e.g. WIFI Internet). The project has a feature of LAN Messenger, a free and open source cross-platform instant messaging application for communication over a local network. It does not require a server. To deliver the data rapidly, we use gigabit rated devices on our barangay network project.

The project also provides internet to the 65 barangays of Cauayan City, being the LGU as the main source of connectivity. The LGU controls and manages the speed of internet that needs to be distributed to the barangays, depending on the number of users per barangay, thus, ensures a more efficient consumption and usage of the internet. It allows the people of the barangay to connect to the free WIFI via guest network with WIFI client isolation, having no access to the intranet network of the barangay making the files and confidential data of the barangays safe and secured. The wireless network uses 5Ghz radio signal to connect each barangay via network bridge. High sector antenna are installed not only to ensure stable connection but also to make sure that internet connectivity reaches the farthest barangay of Cauayan City, thus making all barangays interconnected.