Electronic Budget System

The City Government of Cagayan De Oro has good financial management tools. An in-house Treasury Management System of the City Finance Department, an in-house NGAS-compliant Account Information System and an in-house Electronic Budget System of the City Budget Office. These application system are some of the factors that the City Government was awarded the 2018 Good Financial Housekeeping by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) for its financial transparency and instituted public reporting of budget and expenditure.

The Electronic Budget System is the latest automation tool for financial management of the City Government. It is an online web-based application system where users can access the system anytime and anywhere. The system is used to collect and organize financial information from a central database that supports Budget Management and Payments Management with integration to existing systems from the City Accounting Department (Accounting and Fiscal Reporting) and City Finance Department (Receipts Management and Cash Management).