Provincial Government of Laguna’s Queuing Management System

The Laguna Medical Center, also known as LMC, has been serving patients for 95 years. From being a hospital with a 25-bed capacity, it now has an implementing bed capacity of 227. Furthermore, the hospital has already provided medical services for 13,350 patients, and it is expected that the number of patients will increase together with the population in Laguna. With this growing number, problems regarding the queuing at the billing section also arose. The uncontrollable influx of patients’ relatives and guardians in the lobby has hindered the efficient transactions in the hospital. Thus, the Provincial Government of Laguna through the Management Information Systems (MIS) Office developed a system to resolve such issues.

Queuing Management System is a project developed to organize the waiting line, reduce the queue length and the perceived and actual waiting time at the hospitals billing section, improve customer satisfaction, and at the same time educate them in an efficient yet effective way. The implementation of the program last March 1, 2019 has helped the hospital to fulfill its mission of providing comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective, and caring services to the people of Laguna and its adjoining provinces.