After having been severely devastated by the Magniture 7.2 earthquake in October 15, 2013, the municipality of Loon in the island province of Bohol had much to make up for in terms of development and inclusive growth. It had been noticeably left behind as a “sleepy town” in comparison to its neighboring localities – the capital city of Tagbilaran in the south and the bustling port town of Tubigon in the north.

Furthermore, in the rural areas of the Philippines, such as the municipality of Loon, technology proves itself a luxury for most people. Access to advancements in information and communications technology may be very limited far beyond the homes in the capital. Indeed, there is a significant divide in terms digital opportunities in information, education and skills building, online government services, job markets and business portals. Unaddressed, these gaps can significantly hinder grassroots development and opportunities for inclusive growth in the countryside.

Recognizing that ICT is a key component for the municipality’s development, LGU-Loon in its efforts to rise after the devastation of the earthquake, had to accelerate its efforts towards rebuilding the town. Consequently, it was also cognizant to optimize every available opportunity it may have to make this happen. Hence, DICT’s invitation to attend the Tech4ED Center Managers Training in the last quarter of 2016 was truly a timely and welcome blessing for LGU-Loon.