21st Century Learning Environment Model (CLEM) Classrooms

One of the primary thrusts of the Municipal Government of Burgos, Ilocos Norte is empowering the Burgoseño youth by promoting their access to quality education and getting them equipped for the 4th Industrial Revolution, an age of intelligence and encompassing technology advances. Through its Special Education Fund (SEF), LGU-Burgos, Ilocos Norte budgeted a total amount of Six Million Two Hundred Sixteen Thousand Four Hundred Pesos (Php 6,216,400.00) for the setting-up of the 21 st Century Learning Environment Model (CLEM) classrooms in Burgos Agro-Industrial School (BAIS) and Burgos Central Elementary School (BCES). Said CLEM classroom in the BCES is the first of all elementary schools in the country, while the CLEM classroom in the BAIS is the first of all high schools in Region 1.

The classrooms were envisioned to develop the 21st-century skills of both teachers and learners in four (4) important cores namely, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. Through the 21 st CLEM Classrooms, the students can do and contribute even more to the community. Their community is no longer just an area of space located around the school, but an area that reaches out and envelopes the world.

The 21st CLEM aims to help students take part in the 4th Industrial Revolution and find ways of impacting more than just their neighborhood. This doesn’t mean that they do not need to learn the value of helping others around them and protecting their immediate environment, but that they should also be learning about how they can help and protect a world further away from them, but also closer at the same time. And these are all possible because of the 21 st CLEM. These students being equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitude of 21 st Century workers will be great contributors in the 4th Industrial Revolution.