Boac Geographic Information System (Boac – GIS) started in the year 2010, during the formulation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2010. In a seminar- workshop relative to the CLUP formulation, Arc Geographic Software was provided which was solely intended for use during the CLUP preparation. After the CLUP activity, the Local Chief Executive and the Legislative Department of the Municipality of Boac expressed their interest and support to the e – Boac program, by passing a resolution authorizing the purchase of the Arc GIS software, to be used for the Boac Geographic Information System in 2014.

As years pass, sustainability and technological growth were experienced, the e – Boac went through different challenges. In aid with this, Information and Communications Technology Section (ICTS) under the Office of the Mayor was created. This was under the supervision of Engr. Jacob M. Montevirgen. With the continuous passion in serving the general public, they sourced out to have another option other than Arc GIS. This is where Quantum GIS (QGIS), an open source software, was acquired.

With the acquisition of the QGIS, they added layers of information such as data from Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS), Hazard Maps and Spot Maps in addition to the cadastral lots which was already part of the previous system. Provincial, Municipal and Barangay roads were also incorporated which makes it more detailed. The household location was also verified with the help of barangay officials from the 61 barangays of the Municipality of Boac.