The Iloilo Provincial Capitol building is equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure for Fiber Optic Structured Cabling System that connects all offices in the capitol to the data Center situated 3rd Floor at the Information Communication Technology Management Office (ICTMO). By way of implementing ICT Best Practices and to maximize the use of the capitol fiber optic structured cabling system, the IP-PBX communication system is the answer to the future of telephony in the capitol. The primary advantage of this project is for the cost saving for internal calls. Handling the circuit switching locally can reduce charges for telephone services.

IP-PBX system gained popularity feature services on: call forwarding, extension dialing and conferencing calling. The ICTMO is the project proponent of the Capitol IP-Telephony (IP-PBX) Communication System. All office users are the direct beneficiaries and will be trained to familiarize the use of the new system of communication. The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is the most common digital standard for fixed telephony devices to be subscribed from a provider. Moreover, ISDN will replace the existing analog phones but retain one (1) direct line for every office for purposes of redundancy. An operator will handle the operator assisted feature to assist the outside callers for proper and fast direction of calls.

The project had continually evolved in pursuit of integrating the latest technology solutions to create strategic values that connect the workplace and people, enhancing work processes and applications hence delivering utmost productivity to the organization. And most importantly, the system is highly replicable to interested government organization, particularly, LGUs. The PBX will soon evolve into a VOIP capable system in the next succeeding phase of this project implementation.

Familiarization of the new system of communication by the capitol user will first be given emphasis to effectively implement the project until the user will be ready for the next phase which the use of VOIP via internet. By that time the internet connection of the capitol will be stable enough to sustain the communication system. Finally, with 100 lines of IP-Telephones deployed to all offices in the provincial capitol building, 67 direct lines were disconnected , a total of 49.50 percent monthly/yearly savings was realized and has accumulated a total savings yearly of P .851 million for telephone expenses.