Blood Distribution Management System

The Blood Distribution Management System (BDMS) is an application implemented by the Provincial Health Office(PHO)- Blood Station and Collecting Facility of Compostela Valley to facilitate distribution, replenishment and monitoring of blood supply in the four Provincial Hospitals blood banks.

The BDMS provides a dashboard to monitor the supply blood products in the facility and in the four provincial hospitals. It accepts orders of blood products by the hospitals. The PHO serves the order, and delivers the requested blood products to the hospitals.

Patient’s watchers are no longer asked and bothered to find blood for their patient. Blood search time is reduced since the hospital have blood products supply. At times when rare blood cases are ordered, the PHO facilitates location of donors through another system for the voluntary blood donors. Patient survival is maximized. The hospital regularly updates the system by encoding receipts and dispensing of blood. Hence, the PHO even without receiving an order, can monitor the status of the supply of blood in the hospitals. This prompts them to prepare the necessary supply for replenishment. To date, all blood orders by the hospitals were all supplied by the PHO.