In the latter part of 2016, the Municipal Government of Baliwag started overhauling its outdated Business Permit and Licensing System by launching an overall campaign dubbed as the “Sitting Pretty”, a program aimed at making the experience of doing business with local government convenient and fulfilling to local entrepreneurs. This started with a mandate to fully-comply to standards set by the national government in processing business permits and licenses including the adoption of a streamlined process, a unified form, an e-Business Permit and Licensing System (e-BPLS), creation of joint inspection teams, satellite licensing services, and a business one-stop shop, among others. Fast forward to 2019, Baliwag is now striving to improve its investor experience by upping its e-BPLS another notch higher.

This year, the offices involved in Business Permit and Licensing are no longer just co-locating in a common area. They are now co-locating in one platform that allows other offices to monitor which of their required permits are already being processed or approved through the integrated Business Permit and Licensing System (i-BPLS). It is a web-based e-BPLS that is fully  compliant with the standards set by the national government, which also auto-assessment of fess, online business permit application, and online processing of other permits and fees such as barangay permit, zoning permit, sanitation permit, garbage collection fee, fire protection permits, and building permit.