Loon Business Investment & Tourism Promotions Mobile (LBTPM) Application

“The more tourists come to our town the more job opportunity there will be. The more job opportunities there are, and the better the income, the better the income the better the economy. The better the economy, the better Loon it will be”.

In order to drive inclusive growth in Loon, LGU – Loon made use of technology to be able to promote Loon’s tourism and related business, such as, restaurants, places of accommodation and resorts.

The LGU’s IT programmers developed a mobile application to meet this objective while at the same time also addresses the constituents’ preference for on-the-go applications.

Hence on June 22, 2019 as part of the activities during the 266th Founding Anniversary of Loon, the Loon Business Investments and Tourism Promotion Mobile Application was launched and published on June 27, 2019.

This mobile app is a cloud-based solution since it is not hosted locally in the server.