Integrated Business Permit and Licensing System (iBPLS)

The Integrated Business Permit and Licensing System (iBPLS), an in-house system developed by LGU-Alaminos City (Pangasinan) in 2007. Purposely, to streamline the permit and licensing process, through automation. It ensures a clear and simple route for businesses to open and prosper, thereby creating opportunities. Simplified the business registration processes for both new business and renewal business applicants. An applicant with a complete set of pre-requirements can facilitate with ease across assessment, billing and payment. Speed up the generation and issuance of business permits and licenses in less time.

Issues concerning automation highlighted over client’s inability in complying with pre-regulatory requirements. Another, is investment cost and personnel readiness, both are convincing arguments to proceed with automation projects, and normally replace the need to cost-justify them. To meet the challenges, the LGU created a culture of consistency in the process and led to predictability in favor of the business sector. Provision of sustainable budget to cover cost and having a strategy for handling staff concerns and managing staff participation is one of the ways to succeed at implementing automation.

IBPLS produced timely and accurate information. It has increased efficiency for inspectors, offices, businesses and residents. City offices can access databases of inspection and payment results  and issue updated permits and licenses. Tracking compliance and non-compliance based on location and business type. Simply put, do more with less effort.