Most of the local government units in the Philippines have their own strategies to promote ease of doing business and how to provide opportunities to eliminate burdens on the business community and citizens during business registration with the assurance that their provided information to the City Government of Calapan is protected.

The City Government of Calapan came up with the Business Registration Information System in Kiosk Management (BRIS-Kiosk), a database system for the use of the Business Permit and License Office to expedite on-site business registration. It is a kiosk- application which automates the renewal of business registration through BRIS ID (an id with unique Q.R. Code key for the use of the Business owner), an identification responsible for pass code of the business owner profile and verification through pin code for the renewal of filled-up business applications form. The BRIS-Kiosk has a featured QR Code Scanner for real time ID Verification for basic information and pin code (another Security Features if in case id was loss) to enable and update further information of the business holder. The concept of formulating the BRIS-Kiosk for the City Government of Calapan was developed when the Management Information System Office and the Quality Management System Team certified to ISO 9001:2015 came Digital Cities eGOV Awards for LGU with a formulated program to lessen the burden of long queue during renewal of business application.

With a total of 3,759 businesses for CY 2019 in Calapan City, manual registration and recording of all business applications is time-consuming, labor intensive and error-prone. Through BRIS-Kiosk, business proprietors can renew their business at the most convenient time and location. This is an intervention of the city government towards establishing a business-friendly environment for sustainable development.

With the system developed, it is estimated that the full capture of business tax contributions will increase Calapan City business tax revenue. Effective business registration system ensures income opportunity for every local government unit. This streamlined system of business transaction is a roadmap to attract more investors. This also ensures the commitment of the city government to promote fiscal responsibility and good governance through transparency and accountability towards governance responsive to business and basic government services in Calapan City.

BRIS-Kiosk is systematic, accurate, resources-efficient and user-friendly. It assures functionality, reliability, usability and efficiency for all the users and beneficiaries of the database system. It helps reduce manual efforts resulting to a “paperless transaction” thus providing quality public services.