ELB Mobile App

LGU Loon is taking steps to make the municipality attractive to its constituents and efficient to the employees alike by coming up with better ways of doing things and more efficient approaches to the process of delivering its services to the public by developing effective and efficient automated systems.

However, problems were raised by the personnel and employees in terms of the documents and files. We brainstormed together with our programmer to find solutions that will allow for the quick access to documents and files through computers and smartphones even while users are in different locations.

Initiatives were done to address the matter and also meet the objectives of promoting ease of doing business and good governance. Together with our programmer new system was design to help us organize and automate the process of accessing with files and documents.

Efficient Delivery of Services for the Loonanons’ Benefit (ELB) mobile app is a cloud solution since the system is not hosted locally the server. This application needs an internet connection to be used. We were able to save in this strategy which is also in line to our goal of providing better quality service.

With continuous development, we further enhanced by upgrading and looking the system. In Efficient Delivery of Services for the Loonanons’ Benefit (ELB) mobile app, updated information is done as soon as the file/document is submitted in order to be visible to the responsible person and its constituents.

Indeed, it improves and organizes the document tracking to the different LGU Departments in their respective category, it informs the employees having no questions in their minds regarding to the updates of the submitted files and documents.