Human Resource Management System (CHRMS)

The Cavinti Human Resource Management System (CHRMS) is designed and developed to empower the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) of local government unit. It aims to provide easy access – employee information, improve productivity related to employee performance and attendance, facilitate benefits administration, aide in financial management through payroll processing tasks and ensure optimum productivity and efficiency of human resource of the local government.

While the HR will have access and control of all information of all employees, every employee will also have access and limited control on his/her own information on the following modules:

My Information Portal

This is a module for record access of personnel employed in the LGU. This module includes all records of all employees. It lets the HRMO easily CREATE, ACCESS,  FIND AND STORE employee information such as Personal Data Sheet, Contact Management, Qualifications and Trainings Monitor and Salary. Also interfaces with the Document Management Module for attachments and for printing personnel file. While the HR can update all information, the employee can view his/her portal.

My Leaves and Benefits

This module facilitates digital application and approval of leave and enjoyment of other benefits. It lets the employees apply for leave of absences and decide on what type of leave to use on their own time and availability. Managers will be notified thru email if in employee has applied for leave. Human Resource will easily track approval of leaves and decide if leave is still allowable based leave computation. HRMO can also track number of employees on leave on a day and real-time leave computation.

My Compensation (Payroll)

This is a complete Payroll system solution customized for local government units (LGU’s). The system automatically process payroll with just a click of a button. It automatically generates  Payroll Summary, Pay Slip and Contributions Summary. This module interfaces with the Human Resource Module for data verification. Payroll includes Time Tracking andManagement, Attendance Monitor and Pay Slip generation.

HR Announcement Portal

This is a module for announcements and calls. HRMO will be able to channel direct and official communication to employees using this portal. HRMO will be able to view if respective employee has viewed and received memos and relevant communication.