General Santos City Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP): Mainstreaming Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment using GIS

The General Santos City Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) highlights the visualization of data by Geographic Information System (GIS) technology for Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CRDRA). The CDRA is the pillar upon which the CLUP and all other planning documents are anchored, as shown in Figure 1. CDRA allows the LGU to better understand hazards and climate change and how these would affect or alter the development path of the locality. By understanding the risks posed by natural hazards and climate change on exposed areas, sectors and communities, the LGU could identify priority decision areas and development challenges.

Republic Act No. 11201, otherwise known as the “Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development Act (DHSUD)”, specifically Section 3(b), defines the CLUP as the document, formulated by the local government in consultation with its stakeholders, that defines or provides guidelines on the allocation, utilization, development and management of all lands within a given territory or jurisdiction, including municipal waters, according to the inherent qualities of the land itself and supportive economic, demographic, socio-cultural and environmental objectives.