Barangay Health Worker Information System (BHWIS)

The leaders of Alaminos City’s avowed by their sworn duty to deliver the best public service and bring the quality of life equalities to its constituents, explored and continuously exploring innovations in the field of Local Governance. The City believes that Local Governance can only be achieved if its people will actively participate in the determination and discussion of issues and problems they faced with. To make this happen, there is a need for reliable information that should be made readily available and accessible, thus, the City Government decided to put up its own system. The goal is to develop an Information System that could be used by the City to surface the needs, problems and issues of various sectors in the city using a participatory approach. Hence, the Barangay Health Worker Information System (BHWIS) was born.

The Barangay Health Worker Information System (BHWIS), a system developed by LGU- Alaminos City in 2015, carefully designed to achieved a fair and responsible processing of data using an in-house system for convenience, better planning and service delivery through the free flow of information while ensuring the demographic data is protected. We believe that this consumption of information produces knowledge. This knowledge can be used to make decisions, set policies, and even spark innovation.